Celebrating the Launch of ‘Kinsale Light and Time’ by John Collins

“To take photographs is to hold one’s breath when all faculties converge in the face of fleeing reality. It is at that moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.”Henri Cartier-Bresson

We’re thrilled to share with you the successful launch of John Collins’s stunning new photography book, ‘Kinsale Light and Time.’ This extraordinary work is a testament to Collins’s talent as a photographer-writer, uniquely combining captivating visual and written narratives. The launch took place at the illustrious Aula Maxima in University College Cork , a fitting setting for the introduction of such a remarkable work into the world.

The Launch of ‘Kinsale Light and Time’ at the Aula Maxima

Maria O’Donovan, editor at Cork University Press, kicked off the evening with a warm welcome. Her introduction highlighted the artistic approach taken by Collins and the distinctive influences shaping his work. With roots in both the traditional and contemporary photography, Collins’s style reflects the deep sense of place embedded in the town of Kinsale and its vibrant community, while also reaching out to explore broader themes of memory, family relationships, and emigration.

Maria O’Donovan – Cork University Press Editor

The privilege of launching the book was bestowed upon Katherine Boucher Beug, an acclaimed artist in her own right. Katherine eloquently expressed admiration for the way Collins’s book gracefully intertwines a compelling visual narrative with an equally enthralling written one. She underscored the unique beauty of ‘Kinsale Light and Time’, emphasizing how it invites readers and viewers to embark on a journey not just through space, but also through time.

Katherine Boucher Beug

The man of the moment, John Collins himself, took to the stage to express his heartfelt gratitude. He extended his thanks to family, friends, and colleagues, whose support has been invaluable throughout his creative journey. He spoke of the joy of gathering on this celebratory occasion, to appreciate the magic and wonder of art, connection, and the enduring allure of Kinsale captured so vividly in his book.

John Collins

As readers delve into the pages of ‘Kinsale Light and Time’, they will embark on a voyage of discovery, exploring the beauty of Kinsale’s coastline, harbour, town, people, community, and the mesmerizing underwater life offshore. With a harmonious blend of poignant personal stories, historical intrigue, and breathtaking photography, this book is a treasure to behold.

A special thanks goes out to everyone who joined us in celebrating this launch. Together, we reveled in the beauty of art, story, and community, as embodied in ‘Kinsale Light and Time.’

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Some Photos from the Launch

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