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9781782051367   The Life and Music of James Wilson
9781782050049   The Life and Work of George Boole: A Prelude to the Digital Age
9781859184363   The Making of Irish Traditional Music
9781782052357   The Masses of Seán and Peadar Ó Riada: Explorations in Vernacular Chant
9781782053965   The Natural History of Ireland by Philip O’Sullivan Beare
9781859183984   The Petrie Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland
9781859184653   The Poetry of Medbh McGuckian: The Interior of Words
9781782052517   The Popular Mind in Eighteenth-century Ireland
9781859182871   The Quiet Man
9781782051183   The Schaffhausen Adomnán
9781859184998   The Society of the Sacred Heart in 19th century France, 1800-1865
9781859184752   The Story of Irish Museums 1790-2000: Culture, Identity and Education
9781859184745   The Story of the Irish in Argentina
9780955226168   The Tannery Cookbook: An Irish Adventure with Food
9781782052708   The Theatre of Thomas Kilroy: No Absolutes
9780990468639   The Tombs of a Departed Race:Illustrations of Irelands Great Hunger
9781859184271   The Ulster Literary Theatre and the Northern Revival
9781855942196   The Writings of Ivor Browne: Steps along the road, the evolution of a slow learner
9781782051138   The Writings of Ivor Browne: Steps along the road-the evolution of a slow learner
9781859182895   This Other Eden
9781782053569   Thomas MacGreevy and the Rise of the Irish Avant-Garde
9781782054597   Tornadoes and Waterspouts in Ireland: Ancient and modern
9781859180068   Tourism in Ireland: A Critical Analysis
9781859182772   Tourist's Gaze: Travellers to Ireland, 1800-2000
9781859183236   Tourist's Gaze: Travellers to Ireland, 1800-2000
9781859180594   Transformations in Irish Culture
9781782050575   Transforming 1916: Meaning, memory and the fiftieth anniversary of the Easter Rising
9781859184868   Transforming 1916: Meaning, memory and the fiftieth anniversary of the Easter Rising
9781859180600   Tree of Liberty: Radicalism, Catholicism and the Construction of. Irish Identity 1760-1830
9781855942141   Truly Tasty: over 100 special recipes created by Ireland's top chefs for adults living with kidney disease
9781859184431   Tuned Out: Traditional Music and Identity in Northern Ireland
9780997837452   Twinsome Minds: An Act of Double Remembrance
9780997837469   Ultimate Witnesses: The Visual Culture of Death, Burial and Mourning in Famine Ireland
9781859182932   Ulysses
9781782053774   Uncertainty Rules? Making uncertainty work for you
9781859184844   Understanding Limerick: Social Exclusion and Change
9781859182734   Understanding Political Corruption in Irish Politics
9781859184608   Unlikely Radicals: Irish Post-Primary Teachers and the ASTI, 1909-2009
9781782051688   Utopianism in Eighteenth-Century Ireland
9781859181034   Verse in English from Eighteenth-Century Ireland
9781859181041   Verse in English from Eighteenth-Century Ireland
9781859183540   Verse in English from Tudor and Stuart Ireland
9781859183731   Verse in English from Tudor and Stuart Ireland
9781859184967   Viewpoints: Theoretical Perspectives on Irish Visual Texts
9780997837407   Voices Underfoot Memory, Forgetting, and Oral Verbal Art
9780953535323   Walk in Ireland
9781782054917   Walter Macken: Critical perspectives
9780953535330   Weaving Tapestry in a Rural Ireland: TAIPÉIS GAEL, DONEGAL
9781859184783   Webb's an Irish Flora OUT OF PRINT KINDLE EDN AVAILABLE
9781859184936   Wexford Castles: landscape, context and settlement
9781859184295   Wexford: A Town and its Landscape
9781782051008   Where Motley is Worn Transnational Irish Literatures
9780990945420   Women and the Great Hunger
9781859180303   Women and the New Reproductive Technologies in Ireland
9781859180389   Women in Ireland 1800-1918: A Documentary History
9781782053736   Women in the Irish Film Industry: Stories and storytellers
9781782054139   Working in Cork: Everyday life in Irish Steel, Sunbeam Wolsey and the Ford Marina Plant, 1917-2001
9781782053972   Yeats and Asia: Overviews and case studies
9781859182604   Yeats, the Irish Literary Revival & the Politics of Print
9781859183601   Young Irelander Abroad: The Diary of Charles Hart

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