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9781855940901   Luke Kelly-A Memoir
9781855942073   Lyn's Escape
9780946211456   Lyn: A Story of Prostitution
9781859181140   Madeleine Sophie Barat - A Life
9781782052005   Making Christian Landscapes in Atlantic Europe: Conversion and Consolidation in the Early Middle Ages
9781782053255   Making Integral: Critical essays on Richard Murphy
9781859184530   Making Ireland Roman: Irish Neo-Latin Writers and the Republic of Letters
9781859183977   Map-Making, Landscapes and Memory
9780902561106   Measgra Dánta II: Miscellaneous Irish Poems
9781782050889   Medbh McGuckian
9781859181607   Memoirs of Joseph Prost C.Ss.R: A Redemptorist Missionary in Ireland 1851-1854
9781859181126   Mere Irish and Fíor-Ghael: Studies in the Idea of Irish Nationality, its Development and Literary Expression Prior to the Nineteenth Century
9781855942011   Midwife to the Fairies: New and Selected Stories
9781859181881   Misfit Soldier: A War Story, 1914-1932 by Edward Casey
9781782051565   Models for Movers: Irish Women's Emigration to America
9781782052821   Money
9780990468608   Monuments and Memorials of the Great Famine
9781736171219   More Heroes of Ireland's Great Hunger
9781782050032   Motherhood and Infertility in Ireland
9781782052203   Music and Society in Cork, 1700-1900
9781859181737   My Darling Danny:Letters from Mary O'Connel to Her Son Daniel 1830-1832
9781859181058   Nationalism and Independence: Selected Irish Papers
9781859183649   Native and Natural: Aspects of the Concepts of 'Right' and 'Freedom' in Irish
9781782054993   Navigating Historical Crosscurrents in the Irish Atlantic: Essays for Catherine B. Shannon
9781782054955   Neil Jordan: Works for the page
9781859180914   New and Selected Poems of Patrick Galvin
9781859184165   New Contexts: Re-Framing Nineteenth-Century Irish Women's Prose
9781782052906   New Light on George Boole
9781782054016   New Zealand’s Responses to the 1916 Rising
9781859184318   Newgrange
9781859184417   Newgrange
9781859183410   Newgrange and the Bend of the Boyne
9781859183878   Noisy Island: A Short History of Irish Popular Music
9781859182918   Nora
9780990468660   Notice to Quit: The Great Famine Evictions
9781782051763   Of War and War's Alarms: Reflections on Modern Irish Writing
9781859183205   Ogam Stones at University College Cork
9781859184035   Old World Colony: Cork and South Munster, 1630-1830
9781859182482   Oomph of Quicksilver/Freacnairc Mhearcair Rogha Dánta/Selected Poems
9781859184103   Opening the Field: Irish Women, Texts and Contexts
9780902561656   Ordinary People Dancing: Essays on Kate O'Brien
9780902561663   Ordinary People Dancing: Essays on Kate O'Brien
9781859181515   Origins of Modern Irish Socialism 1881-1896
9781859184837   Oscar's Shadow: Wilde, Homosexuality and Modern Ireland
9781859184547   Out of the Earth: Ecocritical Readings of Irish Texts
9781859181454   Pá¡draig Ó Fathaigh's War of Independence, Recollections of a Galway Gaelic Leaguer
9780953535347   Paradiso Seasons
9781859181782   Passing It On: Music and Irish Culture
9781859181423   Patriot Priest: A Life of Reverend James Coigly
9781859183106   Peadar O'Donnell
9781859183953   Pearse's Patriots: St Enda's and the Cult of Boyhood
9781859183021   People Power? The Role of the Voluntary and Community Sector in the Northern Ireland Conflict
9781782053484   Personal Struggles: Oppression, healing and liberation
9781782054436   Poetics and Polemics: Reading seventeenth-century Irish political verse
9781859181898   Policeman's Ireland: Recollections of Samuel Waters. R. I. C.
9781859181744   Politics and Irish Life 1913-1921
9781859184196   Power, Politics and Pharmaceuticals
9781782052982   Protestant and Irish: The minority's search for a place in independent Ireland
9781782053811   Protestant and Irish: The minority's search for a place in independent Ireland
9781859180037   Protestant Dissent and Controversy in Ireland 1660-1714
9780902561229   Psychology of Counselling
9781782052432   Public Sphere
9781859184691   Queer Notions: New Plays and Performances from Ireland
9781859182352   Raid into Dark Corners and Other Essays
9781859181768   Reading Birth and Death: A History of Obstetric Thinking
9781782053378   Reading Brendan Behan
9781859181812   Rebel in His Family: Selected Papers of William Smith O'Brien
9781782052869   Rebellious Ferment: A Dublin Musical Memoir and Diary
9781782053873   Recipes from the English Market
9781859184233   Redmond: The Parnellite
9781859182420   Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in Ireland
9781855942165   Relationship, Relationship, Relationship: The Heart of a Mature Society
9781859181119   Remembrance and Imagination: Patterns in the Historical and Literary Representation of Ireland in the Nineteenth Century
9781782055471   Republicanism, Crime and Paramilitary Policing in Ireland, 1916-2020
9781859183656   Revival: The Abbey Theatre, Sinn Fein, the Gaelic League and the Cooperative Movement
9781782053149   Revivalism and Modern Irish Literature: The anxiety of transmission and the dynamics of renewal
9781859184486   Revolution in Ireland: Popular Militancy 1917 to 1923
9781782054177   Rewriting Our Stories: Education, empowerment, and well-being
9781859182062   Rights of Nations: Nations and Nationalism in a Changing World
9781859182079   Rights of Nations: Nations and Nationalism in a Changing World
9781859184202   Roddy Connolly and the Struggle for Socialism in Ireland
9781859181577   Rogha Dánta/Death in the Land of Youth
9781859184714   Roll Away the Reel World: James Joyce and Cinema
9781782054474   Romantic-Era Irish Women Poets in English
9781782053644   Rugby in Munster: A Social and Cultural History
9781782053446   Sacred Weather: Atmospheric essentialism in the work of John McGahern
9781859181850   Science Colonialism and Ireland
9781859181843   Science, Colonialism and Ireland
9781859184073   Seán Ó Dálaigh: Éigse agus Iomarbhá
9781782054870   Self
9781782054580   Setting the Stage: Transitional playwrights in Irish 1910-1950
9781859180136   Sex Nation and Dissent in Irish Writing
9781782055235   Sexual/Liberation
9781859184240   Shadows of the Gunmen: Violence and Culture in Modern Ireland
9781855942110   Sisters: the personal story of an Irish Feminist
9781782051268   Soccer in Munster
9781782054573   Sources in Irish Art 2: A Reader
9781859181546   Sources in Irish Art: A Reader
9781859181553   Sources in Irish Art: A Reader
9781859184158   Sport and Society in Victorian Ireland: the Case of Westmeath
9781782053927   Sport, the Media and Ireland: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
9781782055310   Staged Folklore: The National Folk Theatre of Ireland 1968-1998
9781782051046   Staging Intercultural Ireland New Plays and Practitioner Perspectives
9781859184011   Staging the Easter Rising: 1916 as Theatre
9781782055273   Stillbirth and Miscarriage, a Life-changing Loss: ‘Say my baby’s name’
9780997837476   Subjects Lacking Words? The Gray Zone of the Great Famine
9781859183007   Sustainable Landscapes and Lifeways: Scale and Appropriateness
9781859180099   T.M. Healy: The Rise and Fall of Parnell and the Establishment of the Free State
9781859180259   Teaching Literature: Writers and Teachers Talking
9781859180266   Teaching Literature: Writers and Teachers Talking
9781859180518   Téacs agus Comhthéacs: Gnéithe de Chritic na Gaeilge
9781782050483   The Irish District Court: A Social Portrait
9781782051916   The 1916 Irish Rebellion
9781855940451   The Abortion Papers Ireland: Volume 1
9781782051725   The Abortion Papers Ireland: Volume 2
9781782053651   The Alliance of Pirates: Ireland and Atlantic piracy in the early seventeenth century
9781782054252   The Anti-Cancer Cookbook: Recipes to reduce your cancer risk
9781782055037   The Art and Ideology of Terence MacSwiney: Caught in the living flame
9781859184042   The Barrytown Trilogy
9781782055198   The Birds of County Cork
9781859184684   The Book of Howth: Elizabethan Conquest and the Old English
9781782055396   The Book of the Skelligs
9781782051855   The Booles and the Hintons: two dynasties that helped shape the modern world
9781859182864   The Butcher Boy
9781782054511   The Coastal Atlas of Ireland
9781859180563   The College: A History of Queen's University College Cork
9780955226199   The Compassionate Intentions of Illness
9780902561878   The Cork Anthology
9780955226106   The Creators: The Individuals of Irish Food
9781859182857   The Dead
9781782051206   The Development of Sport in Donegal, 1880-1935
9781909005822   The Dynamics of War and Revolution: Cork City, 1916-1918
9781859184981   The Female Figure in Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin's Poetry
9781859182925   The Field
9781782052746   The Growth and Development of Sport in County Tipperary, 1840-1880
9781859183465   The Honan Chapel: A Golden Vision
9781859183786   The Hook Peninsula, County Wexford
9781859182888   The Informer
9781782050414   The Irish Dancing: Cultural Politics and Identities, 1900-2000
9781782051251   The Irish Novel 1800-1910
9781782050582   The Irish Novel 1960-2010
9781859184950   The Irish Novel 1960-2010
9781782050643   The Irish Poet and the Natural World: An Anthology of Verse in English from the Tudors to the Romantics
9781782051190   The Irish Poet and the Natural World: An Anthology of Verse in English from the Tudors to the Romantics
9780953535392   The Irish Red Setter: Its History, Character and Training
9781859182123   The Irish Review Issue 11
9781859182130   The Irish Review Issue 12
9781859182147   The Irish Review Issue 13
9781859182154   The Irish Review Issue 14
9781859182161   The Irish Review Issue 15
9781859182178   The Irish Review Issue 16
9781859182192   The Irish Review Issue 19
9781859182208   The Irish Review Issue 20
9781859182215   The Irish Review Issue 21
9781859181904   The Irish Review Issue 22
9781859181911   The Irish Review Issue 23
9781859181928   The Irish Review Issue 24
9781859183045   The Irish Review Issue 25
9781859181935   The Irish Review Issue 26
9781859181942   The Irish Review Issue 27
9781859181959   The Irish Review Issue 28
9781859181966   The Irish Review Issue 29
9781859180631   The Irish Review Issue 3
9781859181973   The Irish Review Issue 30
9781859181980   The Irish Review Issue 31
9781859183823   The Irish Review Issue 32
9781859183830   The Irish Review Issue 33
9781859183908   The Irish Review Issue 34
9781859183915   The Irish Review Issue 35
9781859184172   The Irish Review Issue 38
9781859184189   The Irish Review Issue 39
9781859180648   The Irish Review Issue 4
9781859184516   The Irish Review Issue 42
9781859184523   The Irish Review Issue 43
9781908634245   The Irish Review Issue 44
9781908634252   The Irish Review Issue 45
9781908634269   The Irish Review Issue 46
9781908634276   The Irish Review Issue 47
9781908634283   The Irish Review Issue 48
9781859180655   The Irish Review Issue 5
9781909005709   The Irish Review Issue 51
9781782050629   The Irish Review Issue 52
9781782050636   The Irish Review Issue 53
9781782051442   The Irish Review Issue 54
9781782051459   The Irish Review Issue 55
9781859180662   The Irish Review Issue 6
9781859180679   The Irish Review Issue 7
9781859180686   The Irish Review Issue 8
9781859180693   The Irish Review Issue 9
9781859182185   The Irish Review Issues 17-18
9781859184059   The Irish Review Issues 36-37
9781859184325   The Irish Review Issues 40-41
9781908634290   The Irish Review Issues 49 and 50
9781782051527   The Irish Soccer Split
9781782054535   The Irish Soccer Split
9781859184301   The Iveragh Peninsula: A Cultural Atlas of the Ring of Kerry
9781782051510   The K Club Cookbook: Producer to Plate
9781782052340   The Kick: A Memoir of the Poet Richard Murphy
9780955226151   The Last Days of the Cork Docklands
9781782054092   The Letters of Denis Devlin

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