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9781859184615   "Irish Blood, English Heart": Second Generation Irish Musicians in England
9781782054559   ‘The First National Museum’: Dublin’s Natural History Museum in the mid-nineteenth century
9781859182291   A Judgement too Far: Judicial Activism & the Constitution
9781782053057   A New History of the Irish in Australia
9780953535378   A Paradiso Year: Autumn and Winter Cooking
9780953535361   A Paradiso Year: Spring and Summer Cooking
9781782053866   A Quiet Man Miscellany
9781909005938   A Short Guide to Divorce Law in Ireland: A survival handbook for the family
9781859181805   A Viceroy's Vindication: Sir Henry Sidney's Memoir of Service in Ireland, 1556-78
9781855942134   A Woman to Blame: the Kerry Babies Case
9781855942172   Abuse: Domestic Violence, Workplace and School Bullying
9781859181836   Across the Lines: Travel, Language and Translation
9780997837438   Across the Western Ocean Songs of Leaving and Arriving
9781859184257   After Bloody Sunday: representation, ethics, justice
9781859184387   After the Irish An Anthology of Poetic Translation
9781859182024   Alfred Webb: The Autobiography of a Quaker Nationalist
9781782052944   All on Show: The circus in Irish literature and culture
9781859184622   Aloys Fleischmann (1880-1964):Immigrant Musician in Ireland
9781859183892   An Dúchas agus an Domhan
9781859182703   An Englishwoman in Belfast: Rosamond Stephen's Record of the Great War
9781859184943   An Historical, Environmental and Cultural Atlas of County Donegal
9781859184929   Ancestral Imprints: Histories of Irish Traditional Music and Dance
9781859181447   Andrew Bryson's Ordeal: An Epilogue to the 1798 Rebellion
9781859184226   Anzacs and Ireland
9780990468615   Apparitions of Death and Disease: The Great Hunger in Ireland
9781859183809   Atlas of Cork City
9781859184790   Atlas of the Great Irish Famine
9781782051176   Atlas of the Irish Revolution
9781859184592   Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape
9780953535354   Beautiful Day: Forty Years of Irish Rock
9781782052609   Becoming and Belonging in Ireland AD c. 1200-1600: Essays in Identity and Cultural Practice
9781859182277   Before the Revolution: Nationalism, Social Change and Ireland's Catholic Elite, 1879 - 1922
9781859180327   Belated Travellers: Orientalism in the Age of Colonial Dissolution
9781859184738   Bertram Windle: the Honan Bequest and the Modernisation of University College Cork, 1904-1919
9780946211067   Best of Nell: a Selection of Writings Over 14 Years
9781855942103   Bird's Nest Soup
9781782050964   Black Magic and Bogeymen: Fear, Rumour and Popular Belief in the North of Ireland 1972-74
9780990468646   Black Roads: The Famine in Irish Literature
9781859184110   Blarney Castle: Its History, Development and Purpose
9781859184127   Book of the Cailleach: Stories of the Wise Woman Healer
9781859180013   British High Politics and a Nationalist Ireland: Criminality and the Law Under Forster and Balfour
9781859182017   British Intelligence in Ireland: The Final Reports
9781782053699   Building the Irish Courthouse and Prison: a political history, 1750-1850
9781782050438   Bullying in Irish Education
9781782051121   Bullying in Irish Education
9780953535309   Cafe Paradiso Cookbook
9781859183120   Can the Celtic Tiger Cross the Irish Border?
9780902561823   Catholic Church and the Foundation of the Northern Irish State
9781859180730   Censorship in Ireland 1939-1945: Neutrality Politics and Society
9781782053880   Childhood, Religion and School Injustice
9780990468691   Children and the Great Hunger in Ireland
9781782054306   Churches in the Irish Landscape AD 400-1100
9781859183274   Circe's Cup: Cutural Transformations in Early Modern Ireland
9781859181867   Clann na Poblachta
9781859180761   Coleridge in Italy
9781782054313   Colm Ó Caodháin: An Irish singer and his world
9781782052241   Colum McCann’s Intertexts: Books Talk to one Another
9780997837483   Coming Home: The Art and the Great Hunger
9781782052562   Commemoration
9781782051244   Complex Inequality and Working Mothers
9781859182758   Consent: Bridging the Gap Between Doctor and Patient
9781859180525   Construction of Heritage
9781782052043   Contentious Terrains:Boglands, Ireland, Postcolonial Gothic
9780953535385   Cool Waters, Emerald Seas: Diving Temperate Waters
SITEREVIEW   Cork University Press Reviews
9780902561595   Cork's Industrial Revolution: 1780-1880
9780955226144   Cornucopia at Home
9781859182741   Crime Control in Ireland: The Politics of Intolerance
9781782055075   Culture, Contention and Identity in Seventeenth-Century Ireland: Antonius Bruodinus’ Anatomical Examination of Thomas Carve’s Apologetic Handbook
9781859183618   Dancing at Lughnasa
9781859184554   Daniel Corkery's Cultural Criticism: Selected Writings
9780902561090   Dántá Grádha: An Anthology of Irish Love Poetry 1350-1750
9780997837414   Death by Discourse? Political Economy and the Great Irish Famine
9780990468653   Death in Every Paragraph: Journalism and the Great Irish Famine
9781859182901   December Bride
9781859183571   Defending Peace: Ireland's Role in a Changing Europe
9781859180402   Democracy Blindfolded: The Case For a Freedom of Information Act in Ireland
9781859183885   Dictionary of Munster Women Writers 1800-2000
9781859184264   Divine Right? The Parnell Split in Meath
9781859184448   Divine Right? The Parnell Split in Meath
9780902561694   Divorce in Ireland: Who Should Bear the Cost?
9781859184912   Documentary in a Changing State: Ireland since the 1990s
9781782053828   Don Juan O’Brien: An Irish adventurer in nineteenth-century South America
9781859182451   Drama, Performance and Policy in Pre-Cromwellian Ireland
9780902561335   Dublin The Deposed Capital: A social and Economic History 1860-1914
9781859180150   Dying Acts: Death in Ancient Greek and Modern Irish Tragic Drama
9781782051923   E. Œ. Somerville and Martin Ross: female authorship and literary collaboration
9781859181706   Early Christian Inscriptions of Munster: A Corpus of the Inscribed Stones (Excluding Ogham)
9780955226137   Eat Good Things Everyday
9781782050841   Eavan Boland
9781782050728   EcoJoyce: The Environmental Imagination of James Joyce
9781859184493   Elizabeth Bowen's Selected Irish Writings
9781859184356   Elizabeth Bowen: New Critical Perspectives
9781859184134   Emily Lawless (1845-1913): Writing the 'Interspace'
9781859184080   Empire of Analogies: Kipling, India and Ireland
9781782055433   Engaging with Irish Vernacular Worldview: Narrative and ritual expression of native cultural tradition
9781782054603   Eoin MacNeill:The pen and the sword
9781859180044   Equality in Community: Sexual Equality in the Writings of William Thompson and Anna Doyle Wheeler
9781859180051   Equality in Community: Sexual Equality in the Writings of William Thompson and Anna Doyle Wheeler
9781782052784   Ernest Blythe in Ulster: The Making of a Double Agent?
9781782053293   Essays on John McGahern: Assessing a literacy legacy
9780902561670   Facing the Unemployment Crisis in Ireland
9781782054290   Famine Pots: The Choctaw Irish Gift Exchange, 1847-2018
9781859182413   Farm Incomes: Myths and Reality
9780902561601   Father Mathew and the Irish Temperance Movement, 1838-1849
9781859183991   Felicia's Journey
9781782054566   Female Monasticism in Medieval Ireland: An Archaeology
9780902561977   Female Pen: Women Writers and Novelists 1621-1818
9781859180228   Female Pen: Women Writers and Novelists 1621-1818
9781859180785   Feminization of Famine: Expressions of the Inexpressible?
9780953535316   Fish Stone Water
9781859184479   Flann O'Brien: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Post-Modernist
9781859184875   Flann O'Brien: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Post-Modernist
9781782055358   Flann O'Brien: Acting out
9781782050766   Flann O'Brien: Contesting Legacies
9781782052302   Flann O'Brien: Problems With Authority
9781782054214   Flann O’Brien: Gallows humour
9781855942127   Flown the Nest
9781859182048   Force of Culture: Unionist Identities in Contemporary Ireland
9781859182055   Force of Culture: Unionist Identities in Contemporary Ireland
9781859183793   Foreign Affections: Essays on Edmund Burke
9781859181430   Frank Henderson's Easter Rising: Recollections of a Dublin Volunteer
9781782052395   Freedom?
9781859181096   From Civil Rights to Armalites: Derry and the Birth of the Irish Troubles
9781859183441   From Dublin Castle to Stormont: The Memoirs of Andrew Philip Magill, 1913-1925
9781855940895   From Dublin to New Orleans: The Journey of Alice and Nora
9781782052470   Gaelic Games on Film: From silent films to Hollywood hurling, horror and the emergence of Irish cinema
9781855942158   Gardening with Peter Dowdall
9781859183946   Genteel Revolutionaries: Anna and Thomas Haslam and the Irish Women's Movement
9781782051473   Georgian Dublin: the Forces that Shaped the City
9781859184585   Gold, Silver and Green: The Irish Olympic Journey 1896-1924
9781859184882   Gold, Silver and Green: The Irish Olympic Journey, 1896-1924
9781859183748   Golden Ages and Barbarous Nations: Antiquarian Debate and Cultural Politics in Ireland, c.1750-1800
9781782050872   Great deeds in Ireland: Richard Stanihursts De Rebus in Hibernia Gestis
9780997837421   Grim Bastilles of Despair: The Poor Law Union Workhouses in Ireland
9781782053330   Hannah Lynch 1859-1904: Irish writer, cosmopolitan, New Woman
9781859183861   Harry Boland's Irish Revolution
9781782050681   Hellenism and Reconciliation in Ireland from Yeats to Field Day
9781859181416   Henry Stratford Persse's Letters from Galway to America 1821-1823
9781736171202   Heroes of Ireland's Great Hunger
9781859183922   History and the Public Sphere: Essays in Honour of John A Murphy
9781855942202   How He Gets into Her Head: The Mind of the Male Intimate Abuser
9780990468677   I mBéal an Bháis: The Great Famine and the Language Shift in Nineteenth-Century Ireland
9781859184820   Imperial Refugee: Olivia Manning's Fictions of War
9780990468684   In the Lion's Den: Daniel Macdonald, Ireland and Empire
9781782052647   Ina Boyle (1889-1967): A Composers Life
9781859180983   Inventing the American Primitive: Politics, Gender and the Representation of Native American Literary Traditions 1789-1936
9781782054351   Ireland [1913]
9781859182383   Ireland After History
9781782055112   Ireland and Argentina in the twentieth century: Diaspora, diplomacy, dictatorship, catholic mission and the Falklands crisis
9781859184028   Ireland and the Global Question
9781859184646   Ireland Through European Eyes: Western Europe, the EEC and Ireland, 1945-1973
9781859184424   Ireland Through the Looking-Glass: Flann O'Brien, Myles na gCopaleen and Irish Cultural Debate
9781859182512   Ireland's Others: Gender & Ethnicity in Irish Literature & Popular Culture
9781859184219   Ireland: Contested Ideas of Nationalism and History
9781782054399   Ireland’s New Traditionalists: Fianna Fáil republicanism and gender, 1926-1938
9781782055150   Ireland–Japan Connections and Crossings: Celebrating sixty-five years of diplomatic relationships
9780902561397   Irish Agricultural Production: Its Volume and Structure
9781859184141   Irish Bardic Poetry and Rhetorical Reality
9781859184905   Irish Blood, English Heart': Second-Generation Irish Musicians in England
9781859184974   Irish Catholicism and Science: From "Godless Colleges" to the Celtic Tiger
9781782054054   Irish Country Furniture and Furnishings 1700-2000 "Winner of the Michael J. Durkan Prize"
9780578484983   Irish Famines before and after the Great Hunger
9781782053606   Irish Liberty, British Democracy: the third Irish Home Rule crisis, 1909-14
9781859182369   Irish Migrants in Britain, 1815-1914: Documentary History
9781782052166   Irish Soccer Migrants: a Social and Cultural History
9781859181010   Irish Television: The Political and Social Origins
9781782052524   Irish Transatlantics 1980-2015
9781782054795   Irish Women Poets Rediscovered: Readings in poetry from the eighteenth to the twentieth century
9781855940529   Irish Women's Studies Reader
9781859182086   Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century: A Reader
9781859182581   Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century: A Reader
9780902561847   Iveragh Peninsula: An Archaeological Survey of South Kerry
9780955226120   Ivor Browne: Music and Madness
9780955226182   Ivor Browne: Music and Madness
9780955226113   Jack's World: Farming on the Sheep's Head Peninsula, 1920-2003
9781782051084   James Barry's Murals at the Royal Society of Arts: Envisioning a New Public Art
9781859183397   James Larkin
9781859181508   Jews in Twentieth-Century Ireland: Refugees, Antisemitism and the Holocaust
9781859184769   JG Farrell in His Own Words Selected Letters and Diaries
9781859184288   JG Farrell in His Own Words: Selected Letters and Diaries
9781859184899   JG Farrell: The Making of a Writer
9781782051640   John McGahern and the Imagination of Tradition
9780902561915   Jumping Off Shadows
9781782053521   Justice Daniel Cohalan 1865-1946: American patriot and Irish-American nationalist
9781859184400   Knock: The Virgin's Apparition in Nineteenth- Century Ireland
9781859184639   Knock: The Virgin's Apparition in Nineteenth- Century Ireland
9781909005716   Landscape and Society in Contemporary Ireland
9781859183625   Landscape Design in Eighteenth-Century Ireland
9781855942189   Leadership With Consciousness
9781859184851   Léann an Dúchais: Aistí in Ómós do Ghearóid Ó Crualaoich
9780997837445   Leaves of Hungry Grass Poetry and Ireland’s Great Hunger
9781859182314   Lie of the Land: Journeys Through Literary Cork
9780990468622   Limits of the Visible: Representing the Great Hunger
9781859184660   Listen, O Isles, unto me: Studies in Medieval Word and Image in honour of Jennifer O'Reilly
9781782054832   Living with Motor Neurone Disease: A complete guide
9781859181690   Locating Irish Folklore: Tradition, Modernity, Identity
9781859180549   Location and Dislocation in Contemporary Irish Society: Emigration and Irish Identities
9781859183090   Louie Bennett
9781859182789   Loyalism and Labour in Belfast: The Autobiography of Robert McElborough, 1884-1952

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