Síreacht: Longings for Another Ireland

SERIES EDITORS: Orla O’Donovan, Fiona Dukelow, Rosie Meade and Heather Laird

Síreacht: Longings for Another Ireland is a series of short, topical and provocative texts on controversial issues in contemporary Ireland. Associated with the phrase ceól sírechtach síde found in Irish medieval poetry, síreacht refers to yearnings such as those evoked by the music of the aos sí, the supernatural people of Irish mythology. We use this title to signify longings for and imaginings of a better world in the spirit of the World Social Forums that ‘another world is possible’.

Contributors to the Síreacht series come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives but share a commitment to the exposition of what may often be disparaged as ‘utopian’ ideas, minority perspectives on society, polity and environment, or critiques of received wisdom.

At the heart of the mythology of the sí is the belief that laying beneath this world is the other world. So too these texts will address the urgent challenge to imagine potential new societies and relationships, but also to recognise the seeds of these other worlds in what already exists.

Each short volume addresses a specific topic, which provides the individual volume title. They are written in a clear and engaging style and seek to reach diverse audiences through a combination of robust analysis and challenging insight.

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